Enerlites - 4.0Amp High Speed - Dual USB Charger with 20A Duplex - Tamper Resistant Receptacle

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Enerlites 62001-TR2USB 4.0A High Speed "Smart" USB Charger w/ 20A Tamper Resistant Receptacle

Enerlites USB Charger/Tamper-Resistant Decorator Receptacle offers two 4A  high-speed "Smart" USB Ports with the ability to charge two USB powered electronic devices at once, Thus leaving the two 15A Tamper-Resistant Receptacles free for other usage.



■ Tamper Resistant 20A Receptacle

■ Built-In 2 5V DC USB 4Amps total charger

■ 20A/125V TR outlet with decorator style duplex receptacle

■ Dual "Smart" USB ports that can "read" devices and delivers optimum power charge accordingly.

■ Charge electrical device directly without an adapter

■ Child-Safe Outlet & screwless wall plate

■ Two-year Warranty