Enerlites - 4.0Amp High Speed - 4-Port USB Charger

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Enerlites 62000-4USB 4.0A High Speed "Smart" USB Charger Receptacle

Enjoy the convenience of "Smart" USB ports built right into the wall. No need for a AC adapter and ideal for use with iPads, iPods, iPhones, tablet PC, GPS, smartphones, digital readers, MP3 players, bluetooth headsets and other USB compatible products. With its built-in "Smart" charge capability, it can fully detect the required power management  for your device to give it the fastest charge. What's more, it has the capability to charge new device required higher current rating in the future. All you will need is a USB cable to connect to one of the four USB ports.

ITEM CODE # 62000-4USB-W
  • Features

    ■ 4 USB Charging port with a total of 4Amps

    ■ "Smart" USB ports that can "read" devices and delivers optimum power charge accordingly.

    ■ Charge electrical device directly without an adapter

    ■ The USB ports are used to charge portable electronic devices only

    ■ Child-Safe Outlet & screwless wall plate

    ■ Two-year Warranty